Elina Nalibotski is an Oncology Product Manager at Celgene Corporation, a global biopharmaceutical company. At Celgene, Elina works with a broad range of stakeholders to guide and execute mid-term strategic growth initiatives and coordinate regional marketing campaigns. Prior to Celgene, Elina was an M.B.A. candidate at the Harvard Business School, where she concentrated in healthcare management and served as VP of the Healthcare Club. Previously, she was an associate consultant at ZS, the largest global consulting firm focused on sales and marketing effectiveness. At ZS, Elina worked to improve sales force effectiveness and deliver marketing solutions to top pharmaceutical clients and Fortune 500 companies. 

Before she joined ZS, Elina studied molecular biology at Yale, where she helped to discover an interaction between two proteins involved in cell signaling pathways. Her experience also includes an internship at BioEnterprise, an agency designed attract investors for bioscience technologies.

About Us
Young Professionals in Healthcare (YPH) was founded in 2010 with the mission of bringing together young professionals in a variety of healthcare-related fields. We provide networking, educational, and career opportunities, including mixers, guest lectures, career and grad school panels, and industry lunches.

Our members come from many industries: biotech/pharma, diagnostics, medicine, research, consulting, IT, finance, public health, advertising, and healthcare law.

Rishika Samant is a MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management with five years of experience in the Technology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. She is interested pursuing a career that intersects healthcare, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. At MIT Sloan, Rishika serves as a VP of the Healthcare and Technology club.

Previously, she has worked at Apple, Bristol Myers-Squibb and Genentech in various supply chain and process engineering roles. Outside of work, she has volunteered at the recent SXSW festival to support various Health and Tech related events. 
Rishika holds a B.A in Biological Sciences from Columbia University. 

Marina Furey - Director of Marketing & Communications

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Jasminder Kumar  - Director of Membership

Ryan Coraggio - Director of Strategic Partnerships

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